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Our R&D Team

Our experienced R&D team has been focused on designing children's car seats since 2003, consisting of world-top designers and engineers. We have created unique, comfortable, convenient, and fashionable safety seats for children worldwide. In recent years, our R&D team has designed and developed an intelligent child safety seat, to help children enjoy driving safely.

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"Innovation is not a one-person job. It takes a dedicated R&D team to explore, experiment, and create new products and services."

—— Xia Huanle (Director of Design Department)

​Our QC Team

Invested more than $300,000 in building a standardized laboratory that has testing capabilities except for dynamic crush tests and chemistry tests. There is a COP crush test for every 5000 units to ensure every child can be protected by Welldon's car seat. We are planning to build a dynamic testing line for our new factory (Anhui), to ensure the safety of our child safety seats to a higher standard.

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"Our QC team's attention to detail is what sets the gold standard for quality and reliability in any product or service."

—— Zhang Wei (Director of Quality Department)

​Our Production Team

To ensure production efficiency, we have divided our factory into three workshops which are blow/injection, sewing, and assembling. Assembly lines have a monthly production capacity of more than 50,000 pcs. In addition, our new factory will be coming in 2024 which has 88,000 square meters and a capacity of 1,200,000 pcs annually. This means whether it is an electronic or intelligent safety seat, we have sufficient production capacity without compromising quality.

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"A high-performing production team creates the foundation for a strong manufacturing culture based on the principles of quality, safety, and efficiency."

—— Tang Zhenshi (Director of Production Department)

​Our Sales Team

Welldon has the most professional design team and the best sales service, we provide customized service, provide professional advice based on different products. Our sales team participates in exhibitions around the world, gaining insights into different markets and providing valuable feedback to the company, which enables us to offer the most suitable products to our clients.

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"A successful sales team takes the time to understand customer needs, and provides tailored solutions that meet those needs."

—— Jim Lin (Manager of Overseas Department)