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Leadership in the baby car seat manufacturing industry

WELLDON is one of the leading companies in the design, development, and manufacturing of baby car seats. Since 2003, WELLDON has been committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for children’s travel worldwide. With 21 years of experience, WELLDON can fulfill customers' customized requirements for baby car seats while ensuring production capacity without compromising quality.

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  • 2003 Founded

  • 500+ Employees
  • 210+ Patents
  • 40+ Products

Unveiling Our Factory, Team, and Innovations



Our company ensures high productivity through the utilization of four dedicated production lines, each optimized for efficiency and throughput. Additionally, our team of expert assembly personnel meticulously maintains product quality, guaranteeing that every car seat can provide the best protection for children.
  • More than 400 employees
  • Annual production exceeding 1,800,000 units
  • Spans over 109,000 square meters
R&D Team

R&D Team

Our R&D team, with over 20 years of dedication to developing children's safety seats, has been at the forefront of innovation. In recent years, our focus on smart and electronic safety seats has garnered significant acclaim and consumer acceptance.
  • Over 20 dedicated members in our professional research and development team
  • More than 21 years of extensive experience in designing and developing baby car seats
  • Over 35 models of baby car seats were designed and developed
Product from WELLDON

Quality control

With over two decades of commitment to manufacturing, designing, and selling baby car seats, our team has honed its expertise to ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort. Our relentless pursuit of excellence is driven by our unwavering dedication to providing families worldwide with peace of mind during their travels.
  • Conduct COP crash tests every 5000 units
  • Invested over $300,000 in constructing a  standardized laboratory
  • Employing more than 15 quality inspection personnel
Request Unique Customization

By INvengo oem&odm

Tailored to your child safety seat needs, we provide OEM/ODM services and are committed to creating safe, comfortable and reliable seat products for you.

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Obtain a customized safety seat solution

Collaborate with WELLDON to create customized solutions tailored to provide the best safety assurance for your child. Contact us to fulfill your customization needs and ensure a safer, more comfortable growth experience for your child together.


Need confirmation

Our professional team will communicate with you in detail to understand your needs and customization requirements.


Design and solution

Based on your needs and requirements, our design team will provide you with customized design solutions.


Sample confirmation

We'll provide a sample before mass production and ensure that all product details meet your requirements.


Leading time for WELL
DON’s product

Products from WELLDON typically require 35 days for production, with delivery typically completed within 35 to 45 days. We are committed to ensuring the timely delivery of every order to our customers.

Open up a whole new world of child safety seats

Step into the realm of discovery and discover our diverse product range to provide you with personalized child safety seat solutions.


To ensure that every WELLDON product provides maximum protection for children and can be used worldwide, our safety seats have undergone various safety tests.


Global Safety Certification Agency


China Compulsory Safety Certification


European Safety Certification Agency


China Automobile Safety Monitoring Agency

Innovation protection, safeguard the future

Ningbo Welldon Infant and Child Safety Technology Co., Ltd.

For 21 years, our unwavering mission has been to provide enhanced protection for children and extend safety to families worldwide. We have strived relentlessly to make each journey on the road as secure as possible, driven by a steadfast commitment to excellence.

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Our unwavering mission is to provide enhanced protection for children and safety for families around the world