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​Our Innovation

Every year, we spend more than 10% of our income on developing new products. We never stop innovations, and we always consider ourselves as the pioneer of the car seat industry. Our R&D team maintains their passion and professionalism, innovating many new features to provide a safer traveling environment for children.

Welldon is the first car seat manufacturer who began to develop electronic baby car seats. We have received lots of positive feedback worldwide. More than 120,000 families choose Welldon's electronic baby car seat by the end of 2023.

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Applicable for WD016, WD018, WD001 & WD040

Hawk-eye System:Including ISOFIX, rotation, support leg, and buckle detection, it helps parents check if the installation is correct or not.

Applicable for WD016, WD018, WD001 & WD040

Reminder System:The baby car seat reminder system is a safety feature designed to prevent parents from forgetting their child in the car. This feature is particularly important as it has been reported that hundreds of children die each year from being left in hot cars.

Applicable for WD040

Auto Turn:When parents open the car door, the child seat will automatically rotate towards the door. This design provides great convenience for parents.

Music:Our intelligent car seat has music playing function and offers various nursery rhymes for children to choose from, providing them with a joyful journey.

Electronic Control Button:Using an electronic control button makes it much easier to adjust the seat.

Side Protection:We are the first company who come up with the "side protection" idea to reduce the impact caused by side collisions

Double-Lock ISOFIX:Welldon developed double-lock ISOFIX system as a better way of securing a child safety seat, which is now widely used in our industry.

FITWITZ Buckle:Welldon designed and developed the FITWITZ buckle to secure babies easily and securely. It's designed to work with many different types of car seats and has adjustable straps that allow it to fit infants and toddlers.

Air Ventilation: Our R&D team came up with an "air ventilation" idea to keep children comfortable during long car rides. Car seats with good air ventilation can help to regulate body temperature and keep your child cool, especially during warm weather.

Baby Car Seat Application: Our R&D team has designed an intelligent app for remotely controlling children's safety seats. Provides education on the proper usage of car seats: Baby car seat apps can provide parents with information on the proper installation of car seats, as well as the appropriate height and weight limits for each seat. This information is crucial to ensure that the car seat is as safe as possible for the baby.