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ISOFIX 360 rotation rearward facing baby car seat with electronic installation system Group 0+1+2

i-Size Infant Car Seat

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ISOFIX 360 rotation rearward facing baby car seat with electronic installation system Group 0+1+2

  • Model WDCS004
  • Keywords baby car seat, baby safety seat, child car seat, electronic installation system

From birth up to approx. 7 years

From 40-125 cm

Certificate: ECE R129/E4

Installation Method: ISOFIX + Supporting Leg

Orientation: Forward/Rearward

Dimensions: 68 x 44 x 52cm








40 HQ





WDCS004 - 03o2a
WDCS004 - 05vaa
WDCS004 - 013va



1. Safety: This car seat is meticulously tested and certified to meet the rigorous ECE R129/E4 European safety standard, ensuring uncompromised safety for your child during every journey.

2. 360 Swivel: With its innovative 360-degree swivel feature, this car seat offers seamless transition between rearward-facing and forward-facing positions. The rotational system simplifies access to the baby at a 90-degree angle, enhancing convenience for parents.

3. Convertible: Designed for versatility, this car seat features a convertible design suitable for newborns with a removable inlay, extending its functionality to accommodate children up to 7 years old.

4. Adjustable Headrest: With 12 adjustable headrest positions, this car seat ensures a perfect fit for your growing child, providing optimal comfort and support throughout their development.

5. Adjustable Recline Angle: Offering 4 back recline positions, this car seat provides customizable seating angles to maximize comfort for children during travel, catering to their individual preferences.

6. Easy Installation: Utilizing ISOFIX anchorages, this car seat offers the safest, easiest, and quickest installation method, guaranteeing a secure and stable fit in the vehicle for added peace of mind.



1. Enhanced Safety: Certified to meet the ECE R129/E4 European safety standard, this car seat prioritizes your child's safety, providing reassurance for parents during travel.

2. Convenience: The 360-degree swivel feature simplifies transitions between seating positions, while the convertible design ensures longevity, making it a versatile choice for growing families.

3. Comfort: With adjustable headrests and recline angle positions, this car seat offers customizable comfort tailored to your child's needs, ensuring a pleasant journey.

4. Easy Installation: The ISOFIX anchorages streamline the installation process, saving time and effort while ensuring a secure and stable fit, reducing the risk of installation errors.

5. Practical Features: Optional electronic installation guidance and lighting systems enhance convenience and safety during installation, while the retractable supporting leg ensures stability for children of varying heights.

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